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Physical therapy eqiupment

Iredell Rehab at Mooresville is located on the second floor, in Suite E. The center will be actively involved in the recovery of surgery and urgent care patients as well as providing general outpatient physical occupational and speech therapy services. The photo above is equipment that will be used to help patients return to regular activity.

Physical Therapy

Treatment will be available for numerous issues, including the following:

  • pre and post-surgical rehab
  • work injuries and recovery
  • sport injuries and recovery
  • neurological conditions
  • orthopedic conditions
  • spinal pain
  • vestibular conditions
  • concussions
  • balance and gait difficulties
  • chronic pain.

We additionally provide dry needling/electro-dry needling, mechanical spinal traction (photo of eqiupment on right), and manual/manipulative therapies to enhance your recovery.

Occupational Therapy

We offer treatment for the following:

  • neurological conditions
  • pre and post-surgical rehab
  • customized splinting
  • work injuries and recovery
  • strong focus on hand, wrist, and elbow conditions

Balance and gait training

Speech Therapy

Treatments are designed to address conditions such as the following:

  • Speech sound disorders including apraxia, dysarthria, articulation, phonology, stuttering, and voice. Speech disorders impact a person’s articulation, or ability to produce sounds that are needed to create words.
  • Swallowing therapy, or Dysphagia therapy, may be required for children or adults who experience difficulty, discomfort, pain while swallowing, or who are unable to swallow food or liquid. We also provide Vital Stim Therapy for swallowing disorders.
  • Cognitive Therapy, adults may require cognitive therapy as result of Stroke, Heart Attack, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and other neurological disorders
  • Aphasia therapy, most commonly required in adults experiencing stroke, brain tumors, infections, injuries, cancer, and dementia.

Our staff:

Rehabilitation Services Director Darren C. Smith, PT, DPT
Colleen Burnham PT, DPT
Christy Millsaps PT
Corey Raper OTR
Caroline Goodson SLP

For information about Iredell Rehab in Mooresville, call 704.360.6490.